Forge Mill Needle Museum, Bordesley Abbey Visitor Centre, Redditch, Worcestershire

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Forge Mill Needle Museum, Bordesley Abbey Visitor Centre
Fri 25 May to Sun 8 July 2018

This is the most recent collection of juried art quilts from the Contemporary Quilt Group, a specialist group of the Quilters' Guild.

Once again they display their remarkable talent and imagination to produce this body of unique and beautiful art work. Inspirational sources include digital photography, freedom of the press, poetry, biography and academia. The quilters use a variety of techniques including: screen printing, mono printing, hand dyed and painted surfaces, machine embroidery and hand stitching.

This exhibition shows fabric artists who are working at the cutting edge of quilt making creating innovative and dynamic art and who are proud to present their latest collection.

In Print Exhibition
Tue 10 July to Tue 17 July 2018

A rare chance to view the pictorial archive of the museum. We take a look at how the town evolved using paintings and old photographs and show how Redditch looked before it became the New Town which we see today.

Redditch Through the Ages
Sat 21 July to Sun 2 September 2018

Brick Built is a celebration of the world's favourite toy and the endless variety of things that you can build from these little plastic blocks.

Whilst to many people LEGO bricks are 'just a toy', to Warren Elsmore they provide a challenging and enjoyable modelling medium. This exhibition contains some of Warren Elsmore 'best hits' and he shows off his unique talent and superb eye for detail with models ranging from small animals right up to huge skyscrapers and everything in between.

You can go back in time to the very start of the LEGO Company too, and discover some of their earliest wooden toys.

All Lego enthusiasts will be inspired and truly amazed at the range of things that can be made with these small plastic bricks.

Throughout the exhibition period there will be a 'Brick Challenge' room and a 'Create –A-Figure' trail around the site included with an exhibition visit.

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies. Brick Built is not sponsored, endorsed or otherwise supported by the LEGO group.

Lego Brick Built Exhibition
Fri 7 September to Sun 21 October 2018

Well-known textile artists, Hilary Beattie and Jenny Rolf, share their enduring love and passion for flowers and demonstrate how they can be best interpreted through the textile medium.

They also explore their hidden meanings and messages, from the secret 'language of Flowers' that the Victorians used to the more modern medicinal uses that we now associate with some herbs and flowers.

The exhibition is a vibrant feast of colour and a showcase of technical expertise!

The Language of Flowers Exhibition
Wed 24 October to Sun 25 November 2018

The Redditch Local History Society explores the antiquity of this river and how it has impacted on the history of Redditch and the local area.

From its very early beginnings in the Ice Age through the Roman invasion, the great Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, the Norman conquest, the expansion of the monasteries and the industrial revolution to the development of the 'New Town.

In this exhibition the RLHS uses photographs, maps and artefacts to illustrate just how important the River Arrow was and still is to Redditch and the local area.

The History that Flows Through the River Arrow

In addition to the permanent exhibits at the Forge Mill Needle Museum and Bordesley Abbey Visitor Centre, we also have a wide variety of interesting and exciting exhibitions throughout the year.

The exhibitions are housed on the middle floor of the Mill building.

There is no additional charge to enter the exhibitions, since the cost is included in our normal admission rates.